June 19, 2024

Support for Wengryn

Twenty-six years ago, my husband and I moved our small family from the West to Iowa, encountering both challenges and delights along the way. Adjusting to life on the plains brought its share of surprises, from the sight of combines harvesting corn to the discovery of ticks in unexpected places. Despite these initial hurdles, we found solace in the beauty of Iowa’s landscapes and the warmth of its communities.

Growing up and seeing places like the Golden Gate Bridge and Bodega Bay as a child, the chaos unfolding in cities like San Francisco is disheartening. Small businesses struggle under the weight of rampant conflicts, and it isn’t that I don’t care for the homeless, but surely there are other ways to help them without letting the city descend into chaos.

Additionally, events in place like Seattle, where anarchy seemed to reign, deeply concern me. It’s heartening to know that amidst such turmoil, law enforcement found ways to restore peace. However, the influence of misinformation, particularly regarding America’s founding, has led to destructive tendencies, even towards our own historical monuments.

In such turbulent times, exceptional leaders like Sam Wengryn are crucial. Sam understands the importance of traditional Iowa values - hard work, family, and faith. He is dedicated to preserving these values and defending our constitutional rights, advocating for a limited government, fiscal responsibility, and the protection of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Sam is also attuned to the unique challenges faced by small towns like ours. He has plans to revitalize our local economy, improve our schools, and ensure public safety. His integrity, proven record, and endorsements from respected figures like Governor Kim Reynolds and The Family Leader, make him the clear choice for State Representative of Iowa House District 24.

As a resident of District 24, I wholeheartedly endorse Sam Wengryn for State Represenative. Let’s ensure our conservative voices are heard loud and clear, both in our town and beyond.