February 26, 2024

Letters of support for any and all candidates are important

Pennie Gonseth Cheers (Retired Clarke County Recorder) Afton

I’m writing in response to an editorial written by the Clarke County Attorney, Adam Ramsey in the recent Osceola Sentinel.

I was saddened and disappointed that an elected Clarke County official would voice a personal attack on a fellow elected officer, namely Clarke County Recorder, Peggy Cummings.

Letters of support for any and all candidates are important, but to address personal issues seems very inappropriate and unprofessional.

Peggy Cummings worked with me during my two terms as the Clarke County Recorder. She was always professional and willing to help advance the constant updates in the recorder’s office.

She also, worked extremely well with her counterparts in the court house.

As an elected county officer, you are there to serve every county resident and Peggy has certainly served the County well in that capacity.

I would urge the voters of Clarke County to vote for Peggy Cummings and the continued excellent service of the Clarke County Recorder’s Office.