December 11, 2023

Keep partisan politics out of our local elections

Marla Shifflett, Osceola

The best part of living in south-central Iowa is the people. People who care about one another.

“Iowa Nice” has always been very real for me. In the hyper-divisive world of national politics sides are taken and battle lines are drawn. My mailbox and television screen are full of negative campaign ads attacking candidates. The lies and half-truths are disgusting. To see battle lines drawn in local elections (and in our local newspaper) is distressing to me.

These are our friends and neighbors. People we meet in the hallway at school, at church and in the grocery store. I will vote for the person best suited for the job. Period. Let’s do our best to keep partisan politics out of our local elections.

When I visit our courthouse I’m there as a member of the Clarke County Compensation Board or to pay taxes, license a vehicle or boat, transfer a deed, buy a hunting license, vote, renew my passport, etc. I find our county offices make those experiences as painless as possible with their efficient, professional and friendly interactions. I appreciate their knowledge and trust their experience.

Peggy Cummings, our Clarke County Recorder, is facing opposition in the November election. Any experiences I have had with the recorder’s office and everything I have ever heard in our community would indicate that we have an outstanding recorder. Peggy Cummings is running for office because of her desire to continue to serve our county as recorder. Her commitment to excellence, her experience, her exemplary service to all of us is deserving of our vote.