April 24, 2024

Putting More Farm in the Farm Bill

Agriculture shapes our way of life in Iowa. Our heritage and traditions are rooted deep in the fields that cover our great state. That’s why I was thrilled to celebrate National Agriculture Week to recognize our farmers. They keep Iowa number one in corn, pork, egg, ethanol, and biodiesel production and make our state a top producer of soybeans, dairy, beef, turkey, and more.

This week serves as a meaningful reminder of my commitment to advocate for the needs of our farmers. Whether it’s opening up new markets for our agricultural goods and commodities, fighting red tape that hurts our local meat processors, or championing homegrown biofuels, I will continue to push for policies that allow our producers to flourish.

I’m also making sure the work of Iowa farmers and producers is known throughout the halls of Congress, and I was proud to lead all the women in the Senate in designating March 21, 2024, as National Women in Agriculture Day. Together, the Senate unanimously recognized the more than 1.2 million female producers in the United States that are essential to feeding and fueling our world.

Unfortunately, even with so many accomplishments to celebrate, there’s a cloud of uncertainty hanging over our farmers and ranchers – a new Farm Bill. Although rain is usually a good thing for folks in agriculture, this situation has left our producers high and dry.

Every five years, Congress is supposed to update the Farm Bill, a comprehensive piece of legislation that should provide our farmers with confidence as they generate our nation’s food, fuel, and fiber. The farm economy is much different today than it was five years ago, and we need a modernized piece of legislation to reflect those changes.

However, with a projected $1.5 trillion price tag, a new Farm Bill will continue to stall unless Democrats are willing to come to the table and negotiate. They continue to focus on costly food and climate change initiatives instead of programs that put our farmers first. In fact, less than 18% of the current Farm Bill is tied to programs that actually impact farmers.

The solution is plain and simple folks – we need more FARM in the Farm Bill!

Farmers, especially our producers and rural communities in Iowa, deserve a Farm Bill that works for them. I’m fighting to do just that.

My priorities include protecting our food supply and national security, supporting rural prosperity and new farmers, and conserving both your hard-earned dollars and our beautiful lands.

I’ve proposed measures to safeguard domestic farmland from our foreign adversaries, provide resources to prevent animal disease outbreaks, reverse California’s left-wing Prop 12 regulations, and streamline the process for getting innovative technologies into farmers’ hands that improve both water quality and soil health. I’m also working to strengthen the use and manufacturing of bio-based products, modernize Aggie Bonds and access to capital for first-time farmers, and improve the affordability of crop insurance.

As I see the evidence of our farmers’ hard work while traveling from river to river in our great state, I’m convinced that more farm in the Farm Bill doesn’t just protect our hardworking producers, it protects our way of life in Iowa.