May 18, 2024

Nall case dismissed

The case of the State of Iowa v. Tyson Scott Nall has been dismissed following a motion filed by Clarke County Attorney Adam Ramsey on April 26; the motion to dismiss was approved by District Judge Dustria Relph on April 28. Nall will plead guilty to a traffic violation for failing to yield at a railroad crossing.

Nall was initially charged with three counts of vehicular homicide after an incident May 27, 2021, that killed three Murray teens. Nall, 16 at the time, was driving east on Kansas Street when for reasons unknown he failed to yield at a train crossing, and was struck by an oncoming train. Brooklynn Eggers, 14 and Gavin Werner, 15, were pronounced dead at the scene; Rylon Cook, 15, later died at a hospital in Des Moines.

Nall’s jury trial was scheduled to begin on May 22.

Nall will be responsible for a $260 fine, a $39 criminal surcharge and $55 in court costs for a total of $354. The traffic ticket was filed on May 2.

A motion filed by Nall’s attorney on May 3 stated that Nall agrees to pay a fine without admitting to the allegations contained in the traffic ticket. Nall’s agreement to pay the fine cannot be used against him in any future civil lawsuits.