August 19, 2022

Virtual Static Exhibits Iowa State Fair

A virtual celebration of 4-H Exhibits. 4-H Show Iowa will provided state level recognition to partially replace the loss of these opportunities due to the postponement of the 2020 Iowa State Fair. Counties will provided exhibit photos of the exhibit, an exhibit “write-up” that provides responses to the three required questions, and a brief summary of the exhibit.

Congrats to Clarke County Exhibitors!

•Ivan Greif with K.W. Hustlers

blue ribbon Fish & Wildlife- Owl education, blue ribbon Food & Nutrition (preserved product)- jars of honey collected in June from his bee hives

•Jadie Bowlsby with K.W. Hustlers

white ribbon Photography- black and white picture of water reflection

•Alyssa Kent with Cooking Club

red ribbon Photography- photo of Charolais Bull

•Amaria Oswald with Triple Troopers

red ribbon Visual Arts- horse shoes welded for a decorative wreath

•Easton Brokaw with K.W. Hustlers

red ribbon Visual Arts- Kansas City Chiefs string art

•Drew Hiatt with Tripple Troopers

blue ribbon Consumer Management- watering device, blue ribbon Mechanics- restored pull behind trailer

•Adam Barnard with K.W. Hustlers

blue ribbon Home Improvement- mini FFA barn quilt

•Kondrad Boyer with K.W. Hustlers

blue ribbon Welding- custom headache rack