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Eleventh 3rd grade field day

Clarke County Farm Bureau hosted their eleventh 3rd grade field day, Wednesday, September 11, 2019 Every year it is an annual learning adventure for all the third grade students in Clarke County, coming from Clarke Community elementary, Murray elementary and home schooled children. There are seven learning stations to which each class rotates for a 15 minute hands-on educational adventure. Most years we have had a station that identify parts of the corn stalk and soybean plant and everyday items we all use that come from these two mainstream crops in Iowa; a station that explains the importance and composition of healthy soil; a station that demonstrates the use of drones in crop and livestock monitoring; a station that shows how far reaching our local Turkey hatchery is used; a couple of stations that emphasized the importance of Iowa’s main livestock commodities to all of us in our every day lives – cows and pigs; and a station that demonstrated safety on the farm around farm equipment. One hundred eight students with teachers, chaperones, bus drivers and presenters were fed by volunteers from Clarke County Farm Bureau and the Clarke County Cattlemen who grilled hamburgers plus donated cookies from Subway, apples from HyVee and milk from Anderson Erickson. The weather threatened a bit of rain, but did not follow through and the air was hot and humid. But all of the 3rd graders had a great time.

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