August 03, 2021

Who are the “Chosen People” NOW?

This old question takes new relevance as violence again erupts in the “City of Peace”, Jeruselam. The holy book of Christians, the Bible, is divided into two parts because God’s relationship with mankind is divided into two parts: the Old Testament or Covenant, thousands of years of Abraham’s relationship consisting of bloody sacrifices and strict behavior according to Mosaic law.

Then, the New Testament or Covenant, with God sending Jews the gift of the ages, Jesus the Messiah. When God’s original Chosen People rejected, tortured and crucified Him, the Way was opened to all People to be “grafted into God’s holy olive tree”. (Romans 11). Worshiping God by bloody sacrifice and salvation through observance of the Law has been transformed into worshiping God with a pure heart and obedience to two Laws taught by Jesus: Love God and love your neighbor. (Mark 12:30,31). Those who follow Jesus the Christ in spirit and in deed are the Chosen People today.

Do you think the asymmetrical slaughter of Palestinians by Israeli’s military, using weapons paid for by US Taxpayers, qualifies them to be God’s Chosen People today? Pray the Holy Spirit, not the “News”, will guide you to the truth.