September 28, 2021


A nickname is a name added or substituted for the name of a person. Nicknames of some Clarke County residents:

Pearl (Pug) Page; Alfred (Scrappy) Jones; Stanley (Stack) Samuelson; Paul (Pete) Neidt; Glenn (Jiggs) Schaff; Kenneth (Buck) Likes; Emil (Rindy) Rinderspachrer; Leota (Curly) Miller; Stanley (Bud) Steele; Glen (Puny) Hart; Marvin (Bud) Paschall; Elwood (Buzz) Palmer; George (Toad) Mumper; Harold (Pete) Lewis; Earl (Buck) Mason; Howard (Dutch) Keller; Lester (Hap) Gray; Harold (Toots) Huddleson; Robert (Butch) Mason; Gerald (Red) Cottrell; Donald (Rusty) Haltom; Richard (Shorty) DeLong; Clarence (Happy) Clifton; Richard (Fritz) Ramsey; Gerald (Jake) McDougal; Glen (Slim) Van Dyke; Clair (Jack) McGee; Gail (Chub) Goodrich; Mildred (Dutch) McCarty; Darl (Joe) Reynolds; Harold (Red) Smith; Kenneth (Bones) Wilson; Albert(Pat) Kalkes; Murl Wilbur (Babe) Phipps; Chester (Buddy) Hays; Robert (Bubba) Laib; Wilbert (Gup) Smith; Clifford (Punch) Mason; Carolyn (Skip) Lingle; Freida (Scottie) Rilea; Wayne (Blinky) Richardson; David (Mickey) Thomas; Harold (Lefty) Switzer; Harold (Si) DeLong; Frank (Hoot) Gibson; Marion (Mac) McKinnie; Arthur (Red) Stammand; Leonard (Slim) Gracey; Glendal (Sport) Wade; Laurel (Pike) Woods: A. F. (Whitey) Kuhlman; Kermit (Digger) Wright; Lester C (Buss) Woods; William (Tick) Moran; Lloyd (Slim) Wilson; Homer (Barb) Hukill; Keith (Jiggs) Davison; Norman (Butch) Brannon; Ardath (Shorty) Twombley; Orval (Jr.) Black; Elba (King) Hukill; Richard (Fireball) Holden; Floyd (Rip) Van Winkle; William (Doc) Dean; Marilyn (Tootie) Wilson; Addison (Junior) Huss; Garl (Junior) McLaughlin.

Marie White

Marie White

My name is Marie (my maiden name was Gardner) White, I have always lived in Clarke County. Married to Bob White, daughter and son in law and 2 grandchildren. Son passed away in 2017. Graduated from Clarke in 1962. I have been a member of the Historical Society since 1971.