May 13, 2021

Dancing program

The Osceola PTA sponsored a dancing program to be held at the Osceola High School gymnasium starting December 1, 1955.

The lessons were to teach the students good dancing and ballroom etiquette. Confidence, poise and grace could be achieved by the student taking instructions.

The lessons included Fox Trot, Waltz, Jitterbug, Party dances and Mixers which are Scottish and Polka.

Two experienced men from the Arthur Murray and Fred Astaire dance studios in Des Moines were the dancing instructors.

A fee of $5 per student could be paid in advance or paid in two payments, the first payment of $2.50 paid at the first lesson and the second payment of $2.50 paid within two weeks.

Any student in the seventh through twelfth grades to be eligible to sign up for the lessons with each student getting ten hours of instruction. Lessons were held on Thursday, evenings from 8-9:30 p.m. One lesson to be only one hour long.

The Principal reported sixty students had signed up two weeks before the lessons.

Marie White

My name is Marie (my maiden name was Gardner) White, I have always lived in Clarke County. Married to Bob White, daughter and son in law and 2 grandchildren. Son passed away in 2017. Graduated from Clarke in 1962. I have been a member of the Historical Society since 1971.