May 13, 2021

Jesse James the outlaw: the Smith Legend

Part 2- Conclusion

The tallest man in the group asked Smith if they could stay overnight, that they had got their supper a few miles back. The man said they would have spent the night sleeping in a fresh new straw stack but the farmer wouldn’t oblige by feeding their horses. Smith said he would be happy to feed the horses but that they only had a two-room house and one bed and a trundle. The leader replied that they would sleep anywhere, on the floor, or just hang them up on a nail. Smith talked it over with his wife who said she would put a featherbed on the floor. That was okay with the men. Smith offered the men their stable for the horses but the four riders suggested pulling the farm wagon around on the other side of the stable and feeding the horses there, out of sight of the old Mormon Trail that was the only road to and from the Smith farm.

Saddles were removed from the horses, each saddle placed directly in front of each horse with the bridle placed on the saddle, making it simple to bridle and saddle their steeds on a moment’s notice. The men watered, fed and curried their horses then took their saddle bags and a few belonging into the house with them. Smith noticed all four men were heavily armed, they lay down fully clothed, not even taking off their shoes. The big featherbed was used as a pillow for their heads. Everything added up in Smith’s mind; the strangers with the guns, fine horses and expensive saddles and leather equipment, were traveling north. Two of the men were tall and brawny the other two medium and one spoke with a sort of lisp.”

~Jesse James “The Outlaw” by Henry J. Walker 1st edition 1961~

Marie White

My name is Marie (my maiden name was Gardner) White, I have always lived in Clarke County. Married to Bob White, daughter and son in law and 2 grandchildren. Son passed away in 2017. Graduated from Clarke in 1962. I have been a member of the Historical Society since 1971.