October 28, 2021

State Fair

Beef Showmanship Senior Showmanship:

• Saige Cornelison-Blue

• Elli Blackford-Purple

Breeding Beef: Red Angus

• Saige Cornelison-Red

Breeding Beef: Simmental

• Elli Blackford-Blue 3rd place

Breeding Beef: Shorthorn

• Delani Erwin-Blue

Market Beef: Crossbred Steer

• Drew Jacobson-Purple 2nd place

Dog Obedience and Handling

Senior Handling

• Lane Whirrett-Red

• Allyson Abbas-Purple 1st place Top Senior Handler

Beginners Novice B

• Clayton Abbas-Purple 3rd place

Preferred Novice A

• Ivan Greif-Purple 3rd place

• Allyson Abbas-Purple 2nd place Reserve High Scoring Preferred Novice A

Preferred Novice B

• Kelsey Benda-Blue

Novice A

• Jonathan Galvez-Purple

• Lane Whirrett-Blue

Graduate Novice A

• Clayton Abbas-Red 2nd Reserve High Scoring Graduate Novice A

Graduate Novice B

• Sidney Benda-Blue 2nd Reserve High Scoring Graduate Novice B


• Allyson Abbas-Blue 1st High Scoring Open

Rally: Novice A

• Kelsey Benda-Purple

• Allyson Abbas-Purple 2nd Rally Novice A. Reserve Champion

• Clayton Abbas-Purple 1st Rally Novice A Champion

Dog Rally Novice B

• Jonathan Galvez-Purple

• Lane Whirrett-Purple

• Ivan Greif-Blue

• Sidney Benda-Purple 1st Rally Novice B Champion

Dog Rally Intermediate

• Allyson Abbas-Purple 2nd Rally Intermediate Reserve Champion

• Clayton Abbas-Purple


Senior Buck Commercial

• Kiersten Smith-Blue 1st Best Opposite Sex

Senior Doe Commercial

• Kiersten Smith-Blue 1st Best of Breed

Intermediate Buck Commercial

• Maisy Davis-Purple 1st Best Opposite Sex

Intermediate Doe Commercial

• Maisy Davis-Blue

Junior Buck Commercial

• Zavian Davis-Blue 3rd

Junior Doe Commercial

• Kiersten Smith-Blue 1st

• Zavian Davis-Blue 2nd

Senior Buck Fancy

Zavian Davis Red 2nd

Senior Doe Fancy

• Kiesten Smith-Purple 1st Best of Breed, Best of Variety

• Maisy Davis-Blue

• Zavian Davis-White

• Zavian Davis-Blue 1st Best Opposite Sex of Variety

Junior Fancy Buck

• Kiersten Smith-Blue 1st Best of Variety, Best Opposite Sex

• Maisy Davis-Purple 1st

Junior Doe Fancy

• Maisy Davis-Blue 1st


Black Face Commercial Ewes

• Hunter Parmer-Blue

• Hunter Parmer-Blue

Market Sheep

Black Face Market Lambs

• Macy Jacobson-Purple 1st

• Macy Jacobson-Purple 2nd

• Braden Andrew-Purple

• Braden Andrew-Blue

•Braden Andrew-Blue 17th place Ultrasound

• Hunter Parmer-Blue 15th place Ultrasound

• Hunter Parmer-Blue and Purple 3rd place Ultrasound

• Hunter Parmer-Blue and Purple Reserve Champion Ultrasound Champion

• Delani Erwin-Blue and Purple 6th place Ultrasound

Intermediate Sheep Showmanship

• Macy Jacobson-Blue


Breeding Duroc

• Keaton Good-VIP Blue

Breeding Yorkshire

• Kolter Good-VIP Blue

Breeding swine

Commercial Gilt

• Ivan Greif-Blue

• Kelli McAfee-Blue

• Kelli McAfee-Blue

• Shawn McAfee-Blue

Market Swine


• Keaton Good-VIP Purple 2nd


• Keaton Good-VIP Blue

• Kolter Good-VIP Blue

Crossbred Market Gilt

• Ivan Greif-Blue

Crossbred Market Barrows

• Macy Jacobson-Purple 1st Champion Lightweight Market Barrow, Reserve Champion Crossbred

Market Barrows, Reserve Overall Market Pig

• Macy Jacobson-Purple 2nd

• Kelli McAfee-Blue

• Shawn McAfee-Blue

• Shawn McAfee-Blue

•Shawn McAfee-Blue

Static Exhibits

Ag & Natural Resources

• Ivan Greif, Jars of Honey-Blue


• Audrey Pontier, Photograph of a pig being sprayed and drinking water-Blue

• Michael Galvez, Photo of trail in the woods in a black matte-Blue

Creative Arts: Visual Arts

• Amaria Oswald, Blue Scrapbook with roses titled “Fair 2020″-Blue

Family & Consumer Sciences

Clothing and Fashion

• Lukas Short, Chaps constructed from leather-Blue

Family & Consumer Sciences

Food & Nutrition Prepared Products

• Aylah Miller, Angel Food Cake-Blue

• Marissa Bakley, Jars of canned Okra and write up-Red

• Keaton Good, Chocolate Chip Cookies-Blue

Home Improvement

• Kolter Good, Black metal table with 18 silver drawers-Blue

• Nicole Barnard, Tabletop fountain made from clay pots and saucers-Blue

Sewing and Needle Arts -- Constructed Item

• Sara Fry, Orange and grey granny square afghan-Blue

Science & Technology


• Easton Brokaw, Fountain made from three barrels and an old fashioned looking hand pump-Blue


• Cole White, International Harvester Tractor-Blue

Science, Engineering & Technology

• Konrad Boyer, Automated Strawberry picker-Blue

College of Ag Scholarship from Iowa State University

• Ivan Greif, Lego flower bouquet-Blue