October 28, 2021

Osceola City Council

Mayors’ report

The Q Pond Trail Connector is complete and open to the public. The East Clay Street Park has concrete now as well and is awaiting the rubber surfacing.

“I’d like to open it up to the public for the naming of East Clay Park,” said Mayor Thomas Kedley. “So if anyone has a neat idea contact one of your representatives or Parks and Rec, Tim Riddle or Dan Cooper and let us know some names you think would be unique for the history of Osceola and we’ll go from there.”

Sidewalks along Highway 34 west from Hy-Vee out toward Pizza Hut will begin to be constructed soon. Stakes are set and the concrete company has mobilized. That sidewalk project will be done this fall.

iWorQ Program

The iWorQ program would allow the city to handle code enforcement and building permitting using their tablets. When an officer’s out in the field an infraction can be documented with a photo and notices can be generated making it easier to give notices and track infractions.

“It takes us a while to get code enforcement infractions because it takes a lot of time back and forth between things processing data. This will make it seamless so we can get more accomplished,” said Kedley.

The council voted to approve the iWorq annual contract for $6,500.

Street Light

The council voted to pass Aliant Energy’s resolution to remove the street and flood light at the southeast corner of Main Street and the railroad crossing.

Public Hearing for Golf Carts

After some investigation City Administrator Ty Wheeler found that according to State Code, municipal government is not allowed to decide whether or not golf carts can run at night based on them having headlights, taillights and proper signaling.

The golf cart code will state that carts can only run during daylight hours, have slow moving vehicle signs and bicycle safety flags.

With no public comment the hearing was closed and no action was taken on the golf cart ordinance due to lack of local control.

Public Hearing Regarding New Changes to the Iowa Code in Order to Update City Code

Sections updated include:

• General Traffic Regulations- council passed update, second and third reading waved

• Abandoned Vehicles- council passed update, second and third reading waved

• Alcoholic Beverage Control- council passed update, second and third reading waved

• Interference with Official Acts- council passed update, second and third reading waved

• Peddlers, Solicitors and Transient Merchants- council passed update, second and third reading waved

• Public Peace- council passed update, next reading at Sep. 21 meeting

Sewer rates and charges second reading was passed by the council.

Tyra Audlehelm

Tyra Audlehelm

I grew up in Osceola and live here still with my husband and son. I graduated with my Bachelor degree in Journalism and Mass Communications in 2017. I have work at the OST since January of 2018.