The revealer of mysteries

“But there is a God in heaven, a revealer of mysteries…”Daniel 2:28a

Occasionally I forget how much I love a good mystery and need to be reminded with a volume of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, despite having read the collection, or snuggle in front of the TV for an adventure with Enola, Marta or Nancy.  There is something intriguing and wonderful about a good mystery. Unfortunately, there are not enough of them.  The Murder on the Orient Express happens the same way each time I read it or watch. But I still read.  I still watch.  Truth be told, I like solved mysteries as much as unsolved ones. Sometimes, I even like the solved ones better.

The good news for me and other mystery buffs out there is this:  God loves solving mysteries, too.  Our God is indeed in heaven, reigning over our world, and our God is a revealer of mysteries.  Perhaps we are getting a bit tired of some of them.  No worries.  God will solve it.  There is nothing that remains a mystery to God, even if we haven’t figured it all out.

Are you still puzzled over COVID-19?  Don’t worry. God can solve that.  Still wondering if there was any cheating in the election?  Don’t worry. God has that figured out.  Still curious about quadratic equations or conjugating the ancient Greek vocative?  It’s nothing to God!  Really, whatever perplexes, confuses, befuddles, or stumps you, God already knows. Perhaps it is time to stop worrying and struggling about the mysteriesin life and simply seek answers from God. Pray, and listen.  Wait, and bepatient.  God will answer and reveal the mysteries to those like Daniel who pray and trust.