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Graceland University

Honor’s List spring semester 2020 (GPA 3.65-4.99)

• Colby Wilken, Osceola

Indian Hills Community College

Graduates spring 2020

• Jared Jamison

Iowa State University

Dean’s List spring semester 2020 (GPA 3.5-4.0)

• Nicholas Allen, of Osceola

• Emily Barajas, of Osceola 

• Joshua Barber, of Osceola 

• Shahil Bhakta, of Osceola  

• Kacey Korver, of Osceola  

• Isaac Lewis, of Osceola  

• Jacob Manternach, of Osceola

• Nathat McCann, of Osceola

• Juan Perez, of Osceola  

• Courtney Titus, of Osceola

• Amber Krakau, of Murray  

• Kayden Lindahl, of Murray  

• Cooper Riley Tracy, of Murray

• Bailey Lewis, of Woodburn 

• Ariella May, of Woodburn

Simpson College

Graduate spring 2020

• Jordan Yawn, of Woodburn- History

University of Northern Iowa

Dean’s List spring semester 2020

• Alexa DeVore, of Osceola

• Kayci Mongar, of Osceola

• Jessica Vazquez, of Osceola

Graduation spring 2020

• Dakota Davis, of Osceola- Interactive Digital Studies

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