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Keep on Trucking – Iowa’s Trucking Industry Providing Valuable Services

DES MOINES – As the coronavirus pandemic invokes fear and continues to be a very serious threat to public health, Iowa’s trucking industry continues to step up and provide valuable assistance. Professional truck drivers are working around the clock to keep the shelves stocked and restocked.

There is plenty of food, water, medicine, fuel and yes, even toilet paper in our supply chain. The empty shelves are a temporary result of surge demand as Iowans rush to stock up. But the trucking industry will continue to ensure that we all have the products we need to get through this difficult time, that is what the trucking industry does best.

“The trucking industry is always ready and willing to step up and get the job done in good times and in difficult times like we are experiencing now. We are always committed to delivering the products that are needed in a safe and professional manner, and now more than ever, we are committed to helping in every way possible to make sure Iowans have access to everything they need to survive the pandemic,” said Brenda Neville, President and CEO of the Iowa Motor Truck Association.

The trucking industry has always maintained valuable partnerships with various regulatory agencies and have continued to work closely with these agencies as the coronavirus has continued to make its way through the state and nation.

“We are working closely with the Governor’s office and many state and federal agencies to ensure that trucks can continue to move products safely and efficiently. Everyone has really stepped up and provided the resources and leadership that is needed as we deal with a lot of “unknowns” and unique circumstances,” continued Neville.

Over 98,000 Iowans (1 in 13) get a paycheck from the trucking industry and they are all playing an important role in the COVID-19 outbreak. But the real heroes are the professional truck drivers that are really stepping up and going above and beyond.

“The professional truck driver is the most important part of this industry and in times like this, they really step up and get things done. They know they have a job to do and they get it done. Truckers always deliver in good times and in challenging times. Now more than ever, they deserve our gratitude and appreciation,” continued Brenda Neville.

The Iowa Motor Truck Association has started a campaign to “Thank a Trucker” by encouraging folks to leave a message of appreciation on the association’s Facebook page.

“Truckers are very tech savvy and we have thousands that follow up through Facebook so we feel this is the best way for us to show our thanks and gratitude for the important job they are doing as we combat the coronavirus pandemic. I know it means a lot to a trucker when they see that their efforts are appreciated. Because no matter how long this all plays out, the trucks will continue to roll, that is just what we do.”

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