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Grund's Globetrotters

“Grund’s Globetrotters caught a tartar in the Snowdon’s Independent basketball five and stalled out the final two minutes of play to squeeze by, 64-62.

During the first 12 minutes of play Snowdon’s built up a 23-7 advantage, mainly through the efforts of Chick Marvin who hit for 13 points during this time. Then shortly before the close of the first half the Trotters began hitting their set shots and closed the gap to trail by four points at halftime, 36-32.

After being tied 41 all early in the third quarter, the Negro team again hit for several set shots and used effective screening around the basket on rebounds to maintain a five to seven point lead until the closing minutes when two quick baskets brought the locals to within two points.

Osceola had a golden chance to tie up and win the ball game during this time, but lost control of the ball both times after setups were missed.

The clever ball handling of the traveling Globetrotters and the line of patter carried on by the players entertained the crowd. Before the game was over this patter was a little forced as the host team came within three points of a win.

Features of the game from a local angle was the deadly shooting of Chick Marvin and the fancy floor play by Jim Davis. These two led the attack also, Marvin with 23 and Davis with 17. Junior Johnson was high for the Globetrotters with 19 points.”

— 1948 —

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