May 13, 2021

CARSPA September meeting minutes

CARSPA met for their monthly meeting on Monday, September 9, at 9 a.m. at the Osceola Senior Center. Hostesses Jeri Lytton and Sharon Cameron served cookies, and mini cups contained candies and words of wisdom.

Guest presenters were Stan and Jean Samuelson. Stan had published the Osceola Sentinel over 50 years from 1965 to 1989. They published an average of 12 pages in each paper. The paper was published twice a week until 1972 when it went to one paper per week due to a paper shortage.

After his retirement, Stan and Jean visited a friend in California and saw what he was going to try in his retirement to keep him busy. Stained glass projects were going to open many opportunities for him. Stan demonstrated some basics for those present. Jean uses her artistic talents to draw paper patterns for his projects. He works by placing the glass on a board which has a raised border to keep pieces aligned. Then he transfers the pattern to the glass and numbers each piece. Next, he uses a class cutter to cut the pieces one at a time. Glass has different thicknesses so different glass cutters are needed for different projects. Next, cut the pieces, starting from the upper right corner on the board. The stained glass has a grain to it, so patterns must be placed and cut on the grain. Once the pieces are all cut, he uses a grinder to smooth any rough edges. Then he wraps each piece with adhesive-backed copper foil. Solder with lead is heated with his torch to fasten each piece together into the desired design. The lead used to be $6.40 per roll; now the cost is $24 per roll. Cost of completed projects vary, and include prices of stained glass, the lead costs, and the required time and patience for each project. He has completed projects for businesses, individuals, churches, funeral homes, and others. He shared photo books displaying many of his completed projects, some of which were 3-D. He had made stained glass “#1 Teacher” magnets for each member in attendance. A few of his sources for glass include, The Stained Glass Store, Bosnian stained glass stores, and Indianola Glass Creations. Stan has taught 80-90 students in stained glass classes at SWCC and classes in his basement.

Linda Foland opened the business meeting with an article on Friendship. Members recited the pledge to the flag, and sang “Grace. There were ten people present.

Venita Escher read the September 9 minutes. Roll call and the Treasurer’s report was given by Sharon Cameron. The minutes and treasurer’s reports were approved.

Linda Foland displayed the portable container for the McCann memorial book set “The Magic Treehouse.” Harold Foland made the book holder from patio door wood and then Linda had stained it and added a handle. It was suggested that she make the elementary presentation with someone from the newspaper present to take a picture to be printed in the paper to recognize the McCann memorial gift from CARSPA.

Linda had submitted from CARSPA 9255 volunteer hours to IRSPA.

Health issues of several members and their families needing prayers were recognized.

Anyone who has supported or worked in education in any capacity is invited to join CARSPA.

Linda Foland reviewed the schedule of events for the IRSPA State meeting on October 2-3 in Denison.

A bill for printing the 2019-2020 program booklets was submitted and was paid. The new booklets were distributed to those present.

Venita Escher read a list of some IRSPA benefits from an email she received. Handouts have been requested and should be available by the next meeting. Linda Foland read a “Tale of Great Teachers”. Jeri Lytton read a short story. The next meeting is October 14.