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Pray for our leaders

This past Friday morning (January 18, 2019), I had the privilege of praying for our Governor just prior to her taking the oath of office. Governor Kim Reynolds and her husband, Kevin, have been family friends for nearly 30 years and it has been a great honor to participate in the past 3 inaugurations, as well as her swearing in following then Governor Branstad’s resignation to serve as the US Ambassador to China.

I hope you pray for our leaders......local, at the state level and at the national level. No, they’re not perfect, and yes, I’m aware of all of the rhetoric surrounding them. But the reality is, their job is difficult to begin with so they don’t need me (nor you) making it more difficult. Instead, we should pray for them as they lead. The Apostle Paul, when writing to young Timothy, wrote this: “You should pray for rulers and for all who have authority. Pray for these leaders so that we can live quiet and peaceful lives—lives full of devotion to God and respect for him.”

(1 Timothy 2:2, ETRV)

I’m going to work to do better at that word of instruction, and I hope you will, too. With that in mind, here is the prayer I prayed for Governor Reynolds and Lieutenant Governor Gregg this past Friday:

Our Loving Heavenly Father,

We know that everything rises and falls on leadership, and You, O God,

set the example for leadership when You loved the world so much that You gave Your Son, Jesus Christ, in the supreme demonstration of love for each of us.

As the creator of the universe and the Author of all things, you are the one who initiated history itself. Today, in just moments, another entry in the history books will be written as Kim Reynolds takes the Gubernatorial oath of office as our first, duly elected female governor of the state of Iowa. Thank you for shattering the glass ceiling, enabling all to serve and lead.

Clearly, Father, you have prepared her for such a time as this. As such, the people of Iowa have elected her to serve us as our Governor where she will have the opportunity to make Iowa a better place to live, work and raise a family and the opportunity to serve all Iowans. As Governor Reynolds takes the oath of office, we ask you to give her wisdom to lead all Iowans toward all that you created us to be. May she always lead us with humility, with courage, with integrity, with compassion and with generosity.

We ask you to grant her deep wisdom and a great heart to serve the people and complete the task to which she has been called. May You watch over her and Lieutenant Governor Gregg, along with their families and may you bless them in their homes.

As Governor Reynolds takes the oath of office, accepting this great responsibility and privilege, may she be constantly challenged by the Word of God and the people of Iowa to be a servant leader. May she always focus on the betterment of the people of Iowa. May she set an example for all Iowans in character, integrity and openness and pray daily for wisdom and guidance as she serves the people of Iowa.

May she be reminded of the wisdom of King Solomon when he wrote: Trust the LORD completely, and don’t depend on your own knowledge. With every step you take, think about what he wants, and he will help you go the right way. (Proverbs 3:5-6, ETRV)

Thank you again, Father, for Governor Reynolds and Lieutenant Governor Gregg. May they sense your presence as the lead the people of Iowa.

I pray this humbly in the Name of Jesus who shed His blood on the Cross that all mankind might have eternal life. Amen

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