May 13, 2021

Open burning prohibited in Clarke County

On April 10, the office of the state fire marshal received a request pursuant to Iowa Code 100.40(1)(1995) from Allan Mathias, representing each fire department having all or part of their fire district within Clarke County, that the state fire marshal prohibit open burning in Clarke County.

Upon investigation, the fire marshal finds that conditions in Clarke County are such that open burning constitutes a danger to life or property.

It is therefore ordered that no person shall engage in open burning in Clarke County, effective 10 a.m. April 10, except as specifically permitted by the Iowa Code with an open burn permit.

Or, until such time, as Mathias, representing the fire departments in Clarke County, notifies the state fire marshal that such conditions dangerous to life or property no longer exist.

Notice is hereby given that pursuant to Iowa Code, any violation of this proclamation order is a simple misdemeanor.

This was signed by Jeffrey L. Quigle, the state fire marshal.