April 24, 2024

Clarke girls playoff bid comes to an end at Des Moines Christian

The Clarke Lady Indians faced up against the Des Moines Christian (DMC) Lions on Wednesday, Feb. 14 at DMC, with DMC being the number three ranked team in the state. Despite leading the Lions by 2-points going into halftime, the Lions clawed their way back, bursting ahead in the last quarter for their 19th straight win at 56-42.

DMC won the tipoff to open the game, with Clarke defense nearly costing the Lions a shot clock violation before an inside pass and layup found the first basket of the game. Clarke was pressured as they tried to line up for a basket, running out of time and turning the ball back over. A free throw for DMC and a back and forth ball was stolen by Ali Henry, found her breaking away down court for a layup and Clarke’s first basket of the game. A rebound by Ashlyn Crawford back under DMC’s basket was passed to Ali for another attempt at a basket that was missed, but Ali drew a foul and went 2 for 2 at the line.

Tory Henry made the first 3 of the night for Clarke, quickly followed by Meg Muller’s DMC first three point. A pass from Reese Shaw to Tory was stolen by Muller, who in turn almost lost the ball as she passed to Paige Hilgerson, who came up short on the shot. An Ali rebound sprinting up the far side pass to Maddy McCoy was good on a three. Another foul called in Ali’s favor sent her back to the line for two, leaving the score at 12-6 in Clarke’s favor to close out the first quarter.

DMC stole the ball at the start of the second quarter, and was able to find two, but Ali drew another foul on a basket to gain three quick points for Clarke. Clarke tipped their way up to an 11-point lead 19-8 over the Lions, before a series of turnovers, successful three-point shots and fouls had DMC making up that deficit.

The third quarter began with Clarke in possession, with missed shots and tipped balls hampering both teams before DMC’s Tori Burton knocked down a three for a short-lived four point lead before Tory forced her way inside defenders for another basket.

A drive blocked Crawford turned the ball back over to Clarke, with a hoisted shot by Hagen for 3 bumping Clarke back ahead by 1. Maddy put another three on the board for Clarke. DMC put another eight on the board to close out the third quarter ahead 33-27.

DMC started the fourth quarter with a three with Clarke trying to push the pace. Ali avoided a stolen ball in the backcourt and drove for the basket, getting a foul on the floor. Crawford aimed for a basket, with Gianna Bennett securing the rebound. Crawford secured the rebound on the DMC’s end, and Tory drove inside for a foul that sent her to the free throw line where she went two for two.

DMC continued to make quick baskets, with fouls on DMC sending Clarke to the line for the bonus. The Lady Indians worked their way up to 46-37, before DMC put another three on the board, with Clarke unable to get a lead over DMC. As the clock wound down and DMC drove ahead, the five starting Clarke seniors sat and Marissa Bakely, Gabby Fry, Reagan Fry were subbed in to finish out the game with Kya Thornton and Shaw.

The Lady Indians closed out their season 12-10.

Des Moines Christian 56, Clarke 42

DMC - 6–14–13–23

C - 12–7–8–15


Totals (FG FT PTS) – 12 11-12 42, Ali Henry 3 6-6 12, Ava Hagen 2 0-0 6, Tory Henry 3 5-6 12, Maddy McCoy 3 0-0 9, Reese Shaw 1 0-0 3. FG shooting – 38.9%. 3-pts – 7 (Hagen 2, T. Henry 1, McCoy 3, Shaw 1). Rebounds – 19 (A. Henry 8, Hagen 4, T. Henry 2, McCoy 4, Maisy McCoy 1). Assists – 8 (A. Henry 4, Hagen 1, Maddy McCoy 1, Maisy McCoy 1). Steals – 8 (A. Hagen 4, T. Henry 3, Maddy McCoy 1). Blocks – 1 (A. Henry). Turnovers – 19. Team fouls – 14. Fouled out – 0.

Des Moines Christian

Totals (FG FT PTS) – 18 13-20 56, Addy Oetker 5 3-4 14, Tori Burton 4 1-4 12, Paige Hilgerson 0 5-6 5, Gianna Bennett 1 2-2 4, Abby Hall 3 1-2 8, Meg Muller 1 0-0 3, Grace Hudson 4 1-2 10. FG shooting – 34.0%.3-pts – 7 (Oetker 1, Burton 3, Hall 1, Muller 1, Hudson 1). Rebounds – 30 (Oetker 7, Burton 2, Hilgerson 1, Bennett 12, Hall 2, Muller 3, Fish 1, Hudson 2). Assists – 15 (Oetker 5, Hilgerson 3, Bennett 3, Muller 1, Fish 2, Hudson 1). Steals – 15 (Oetker 8, Bennett 1, Muller 4, Hudson 2). Blocks – 0. Turnovers – 15. Team fouls – 15. Fouled out – 0.