March 06, 2021

Presidential inauguration 1921

The inauguration of Warren G. Harding as 29th President of the United States was held March 4, 1921 at the East Portico of the U. S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. He was the first U.S. Senator to be elected President, winning the election in a landslide.

His was the first presidential election in which women across the United States could vote.

Alice Robertson of Oklahoma became the first woman to preside over the House of Representatives. Her session lasted thirty minutes.

The 34th Inauguration was Harding’s only term as President and Calvin Coolidge’s only term as Vice President. Harding died August 2, 1921 two and a half years into his term and Coolidge was sworn in as President on August 3, 1921.

This inauguration was the first in which an automobile was used to transport the president-elect and outgoing President Woodrow Wilson to and from the Capitol.