June 19, 2024

Sinclair, Fry support Taylor for supervisor

Sen. Amy Sinclair & Rep. Joel Fry

We have had the opportunity to work with Austin Taylor, Clarke County Supervisor, District 3 on many occasions over the course of his first term. Austin communicates directly with his State elected officials and is always ready to learn what is taking place at the State level and how it may impact local level government.

He is prepared to share the needs of the county and is always honest about his perspective. We have experienced his dedication of advocating for the county through mental health funding and policy, tax policy changes and the need for updating the forest reserve program. He always brings a perspective from the people he serves.

Austin has decided to run for a second term as your Clarke County District 3 Supervisor. We expect he will continue to bring his quality leadership, level head, open minded perspective and integrous decision making once again to his leadership position.

He understands the need to manage the county’s budget in a manner that will reduce property taxes at a local level. He has led the effort of selling unneeded county equipment, office supplies and buildings in an effort to lower the county tax burden.

Austin has also led the charge of hiring a County Engineer and maintaining local control over Clarke County’s secondary roads, again, protecting the taxpayers of Clarke County.

Change was needed at the county level when he took office in 2021. He brought that needed change with him and now is the time to support Austin again as he brings his hard-working spirit and “change needed” perspective. We know Austin is able to work with local and state officials effectively and ask for your support in his continued leadership in Clarke County.


Amy Sinclair, State Senator

Joel Fry, State Representative