July 21, 2024

No water permits for CO2 pipelines

Thousands of Iowans oppose the CO2 pipelines being pushed by corporations like Summit Carbon Solutions. They tear up farm ground; they misuse eminent domain; they don’t reduce carbon emission like they promise; they rely heavily on taxpayer dollars for financing; and they’re dangerous and potentially deadly.

And now, the pipelines want our water. Summit affiliates have started asking the Iowa Department of Natural Resources for water use permits. Altogether, Summit could end up pumping nearly 500 million gallons of groundwater annually. That’s a half billion gallons, year after year!

If we give Summit Carbon Solutions an inch, they’ll take a mile. What will Iowans sacrifice for Summit’s profits? Our water is a finite resource, and clean water in Iowa is precious.

Please contact Iowa DNR director Kayla Lyon today (kayla.lyon@dnr.iowa.gov) and tell her “No water use permits for CO2 pipelines.”