February 26, 2024

Looking ahead to the county recorder election

Dianne Riley, Osceola

It will soon be time to exercise our right to vote for whom we think will be the best candidate. I have known both Selena Humphrey and Peggy Cummings on a professional basis, when Selena was the administrator at our local nursing home and when Peggy was the administrator of the General Relief/ Veteran’s Affairs county office. Both were exceptional to work with and I felt did a very good job in those positions.

As I read the interviews in the October 13, 2022, Osceola Sentinel-Tribune, I noticed a red flag for me. When Peggy Cummings was asked what made her the best candidate for the job, she stated “I do this, not as a Democrat or Republican, but as the Clarke County Recorder. Selena answered the same question with this answer " I am running for Clarke County Recorder to broaden my horizons and to support the Republican Party. Personally, I want a county recorder who is going to support all of the citizens of Clarke County. My vote will be for Peggy Cummings.