April 24, 2024

The Fry Times

What’s alive and dead in the house judiciary committee

The second funnel week has ended for the House and Senate Judiciary committees. Any bill sent from the House had to move through a Senate committee and any Senate bill had to move through a House committee by the end of the week. Below is a list of significant bills that survived the funnel, some that have been signed by the Governor, and a few that are done for the year.

Bills alive for future debate

House File 112-Domestic Abuse Assault

This bill allows county attorneys to look at previous convictions of domestic abuse in order to increase the penalty for an abuser. Current law only allows a county attorney to consider the past 12 years of convictions. By expanding the look back, those who are habitual domestic abusers will face more time in prison and away from their victims.

HF 272/HF 114- Adoptive Parent Benefits

Requires employers to treat employees who adopt a child (6 yrs. or younger) the same way they treat employees with biological children for the purposes of employment policies, benefits and, protection for the first year of adoption.

HF 400/ HF 58- Termination of Parental Rights

If a mother gives up her parental rights and the father later refuses, the mother has 30 days to reassert her rights.

HF 595/ HSB 104 Controlled Substance- Penalties

HF 595 increases penalties for manufacturing, possessing or selling fentanyl. Additionally, the bill ensures those who provide fentanyl can be held responsible if another person dies.

HJR 6/ HJR 2- Right to Hunt

HJR 6 establishes the constitutional right to hunt, fish, and trap in Iowa.

Bills that died in the funnel

HF 159/ HSB 11- Defense Used to Justify Violent Crimes

HF 159 prevents a defendant from using a person’s sexual orientation, or gender identity as a mitigating factor in a violent crime.

HF 177/HSB 42- Anti-SLAPP- Protecting Public Participation

From the Uniform Law Commission and prevents lawsuits that attempt to stop public participation. Often times these lawsuits are focused on newspapers who are reporting true facts.

HF 547/HSB 2- Early Termination of Lease

Allows a lease to be terminated early without penalty if the tenant is a victim of crimes such as domestic abuse, sexual abuse, stalking, or other crimes that pose a substantial threat of personal injury or death.

HF 565/ HF 368- Eminent Domain and Pipelines

HF 368 relates to a liquified carbon dioxide pipeline. If a carbon dioxide pipeline wants to use eminent domain they must have 90% of the route miles through voluntary easements before using eminent domain. Additional code provisions allow for payment for loss to the land owner if there is damage to the land.

Rep. Joel Fry

House District 27