December 03, 2021

City revokes tavern beer permit

Osceola had one less beer parlor as a result of the action of the city council revoking the beer permit of the owner of the South Side Beer Tavern. The council unanimously revoked the permit saying the place had been operated in “a most disorderly manner.”

The closing came after complaints concerning quarrels and fights had come to the attention of the city and was climaxed when two women, presumably bar maids in the tavern, were fighting in front of the place.

The girls were arrested by the Night Officer and released the next day awaiting a hearing to be held later.

One of the women was charged by the Night Officer with “appearing in an intoxicated condition upon the streets, and did then and there disturb the peace by fighting and disorderly conduct.”

The other woman was charged with disturbing the peace by fighting and quarreling. -1939

Marie White

Marie White

My name is Marie (my maiden name was Gardner) White, I have always lived in Clarke County. Married to Bob White, daughter and son in law and 2 grandchildren. Son passed away in 2017. Graduated from Clarke in 1962. I have been a member of the Historical Society since 1971.