July 21, 2024

Murray blood drive planned for July 11

July’s the month to roll up your sleeves and save lives with LifeServe Blood Center. LifeServe Blood Center is calling all community members to participate in blood donation drives throughout the month of July, in your neighborhood. Each donation bolsters the blood supply for local hospitals, and LifeServe aims to emphasize the crucial role that each donor plays in supporting healthcare services within their own communities.

By donating blood at an upcoming community blood drive, you can be the ultimate local hero. With every donation made locally, donors directly contribute to the life-saving efforts of hospitals within their region. This ensures that patients in need of transfusions have ready access to a safe and stable blood supply. When you donate with LifeServe, you become an important part of our mission and a partner to your local healthcare network.

Why not make July the month you make a difference? Join us at the upcoming blood drives in your community, roll up your sleeves, and earn your new title of local hero.

  • Murray Community Blood Drive, 07/11/2024 from 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm at 416 Maple Street, Murray.
  • Schedule a blood donation appointment online at lifeservebloodcenter.org or call 800.287.4903.