June 19, 2024

Gutierrez featured as artist of the month

Lupita Gutierrez is the featured artist for May and June. Her paintings are on sale now at Lakeside Hotel Casino.

The Clarke Area Arts Council’s (CAAC) artist of the month for May and June at Lakeside Hotel Casino is Lupita Gutierrez of Osceola.

Gutierrez began painting as a young child in Mexico. She remembers starting at age 6, trying to draw her teacher. She started as most children do - drawing stick figures - but continued to evolve and use different mediums and techniques to hone her craft.

“[In my] teenage years, I started to put colors in my drawings,” said Gutierrez.

In her twenties, she started to paint a variety of different subjects - people, landscapes, scenery and kitchen scenes to name a few. A favorite type of painting for Gutierrez is portraits, as she enjoys painting expressions. She doesn’t decide on any one person because they are beautiful or handsome, but because she wants to portray their unfiltered emotions and spontaneity of their faces in her work. She also enjoys beaches, seas, sunrises and sunsets, and really anything that can be painted utilizing a lot of color.

“I use my own style,” said Gutierrez, who has never taken any formal schooling for her artwork and prefers to work in oils. “Could be good, could be bad, it’s just my expression.”


Some of Lupita Gutierrez's artwork at Lakeside Hotel Casino.

In order to incorporate a lot of color in her paintings, Gutierrez utilizes the natural light of the outdoors. Due to that, the wintertime is generally downtime for Gutierrez, who says that it’s too dark during the day, as the light looks different when she’s painting. Gutierrez also works a full-time job, so she paints when she can in between work, sleep and other commitments. She takes on commission pieces, and is always thinking ahead to the next piece she’s going to do.

When asked how many paintings she thinks she’s done in her life, Gutierrez replied,

“So, so many.”

She has paintings still in Mexico, some in Arizona, has had art shows in Des Moines, and over 20 are on display at the casino now. There are paintings of landscapes, beaches, portraits, still life and more. Gutierrez has been a featured artist once before, in 2016, before the CAAC had a dedicated display area at the casino and in that time, Gutierrez has created quite a collection of paintings.

“Her house is filled…she could do three shows this size,” said Mary Ellen Kimball, founder of the CAAC.

When it comes to encouraging others to take up painting or drawing, Gutierrez says you just need to start.

“It’s in your mind. Some days, your mind opens, and you start doing things,” said Gutierrez.


An artist’s reception is planned for Gutierrez from 5 to 7 p.m. on Saturday, May 25 in the events center lobby of Lakeside Hotel Casino, 777 Casino Dr. All are invited to attend the free event, where Gutierrez will be on hand to talk, and everyone who attends will have a chance to win a piece of art.

Many of Gutierrez’s paintings on display are for sale. She also takes commissions, because she wants her art to be enjoyed everywhere. For those interested in commissioning a piece by Gutierrez, she can be contacted at: lupigutierrez@gmail.com.

Some of Lupita Gutierrez's artwork at Lakeside Hotel Casino.

Candra Brooks

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