March 29, 2023

Supervisors consider fuel bids

OST staff report

Sealed fuel bids from Agriland, FS and United Farmers Cooperative were presented to the Clarke County Board of Supervisors on Jan. 23 at their regular board meeting.

The minimum bid requirements were for #1 ULSD fuel, #2 ULSD fuel, and gasohol.

The bid from Agriland came in at $3.475/gallon for #1 ULSD fuel, $3.225/gallon #2 ULSD fuel, and $2.543/gallon gasohol - no tax included for gasohol.

The bid from United Farmers Cooperative (UFC) saw $3.22/gallon for both #1 ULSD fuel and #2 ULSD fuel, and $2.6/gallon for gasohol - plus state excise tax. In the case of #1 ULSD fuel, UFC will charge the difference on the day of delivery based on that day’s differential.

Bids from both Agriland and UFC also included winter and summer additives, as well as diesel exhaust fluids. The total amount of gallons included in the bid were 45,000 gasohol and 130,000 diesel fuel.

Clarke County Engineer Christian Boehmer was unable to attend the board meeting, and it was decided to table the decision on awarding of the fuel contract until Boehmer was available, as well as allow time for the supervisors and the engineer’s office to go through the figures provided to them. The decision of fuel bids will be put on Monday’s agenda, Jan. 30.