October 04, 2023

Supervisors reorganize for 2023

At the Jan. 3 meeting of the Clarke County Board of Supervisors, supervisors Dean Robins and Randy Dunbar approved the following appointments under Resolution 23-001; supervisor Austin Taylor was absent at that time.


• ADA Coordinator: Taylor

• Blood Borne Pathogen Coordinator: Nicole Jimmerson

• Chariton Valley Transportation Planning Affiliation Policy Board: Robins, Supervisor, Dunbar, Transit. Alternate, Taylor

• Chariton Valley Transportation Planning Affiliation Technical Advisory Committee: Christian Boehmer

• CROSS Mental Health Region: Taylor

• Crossroads Mental Health Board: Robins. Alternate, Taylor

• DHS Advisory Board: Taylor. Alternate, Dunbar

• Disaster Coordinator: Robins

• Disaster Representative: Boehmer

• E911 Regional Board: Taylor and Byron Jimmerson

• Emergency Management Commission: Robins. Alternate, Dunbar;

• Fair Housing Coordinator: Taylor

• 5th Judicial District Department of Correctional Services: Taylor. Alternate, Dunbar

• Iowa Communities Assurance Pool: Taylor. Alternate, Robins

• Iowa Regional Workforce Investment Board: Robins. Alternate, Dunbar

• Landfill Commission: Robins. Alternate, Boehmer

• Leon Decat Governance Board: Taylor. Alternate, Robins

• Medical Examiner: George Fotiadis, M.D. Deputy ME, Marty Duffus, Lori Cannon and Olivia Paige Peckham;

• Murray Economic Development Board: Robins

• Official Newspaper: Osceola Sentinel-Tribune

• Reservoir Commission: Taylor. Alternate, Robins

• S.E. Iowa Hazmat Board: Dunbar. Alternate, Robins

• Safety Loss Control Coordinator: Scott Kent

• SCICAP, Inc.: Dunbar. Alternate, Taylor

• SICOG (Executive Board): Dunbar

• Southern Iowa Trolley: Dunbar. Alternate, Robins

• Workmen’s Compensation Designated Medical Provider: Unity Point Family Medicine in Osceola.

Robins was appointed as chairman of the board of supervisors with Taylor as vice-chairman for 2023.

Deputy terms

The supervisors approved 3-0 the following deputy appointments:

County Auditor – Deputy Garla LaFollette for a two year term through 2024.

County Treasurer – First Deputy Brooke Caldwell for a four year term through 2027.

County Treasurer – Deputy Shelby Hawxby for a four year term through 2027.

County Treasurer – Deputy Kim Hamilton for a four year term through 2027.

Other approvals

The board approved setting land acquisition prices at 2.5 times the assessed value for the purchases for right-of-ways, and will not issue reimbursement for removing of fences; they will pay $44 per rod for fence replacements.

The supervisors will pay expense claims for all county employees who attend district county officer meetings and state school of instructions.

The board will meet every Monday at 9 a.m. for their regularly scheduled meetings in the board of supervisors room at the Clarke County Courthouse. In the event of a Monday holiday, the official meeting will be held on Wednesday of that week.