May 27, 2022

Clarke Middle School Students Soaring in Steps of Reading

Clarke Middle School is so proud of the time and effort the students and teachers have put into their practice of reading during the school day and outside of the school day. On the walls of Clarke Middle School are pink, orange and blue reading logs celebrating the students’ progress towards meeting their goal of reading 800 steps this school year, four steps each day (two steps at school and two steps at home).

“The quantity of trade book reading is the best single predictor of test score performance and success in schools, and is a better predictor than either socioeconomic factors or parental education (pg. 11).” - Terrance Paul, Patterns of Reading Practice, 1996.

A step is 15 minutes of consecutive, uninterrupted reading. Clarke Middle School students who have read 100 steps, have read a total of 1,500 minutes or 25 hours. Students who have read 200 or more steps have read more than 50 hours. Anytime that students are reading they are increasing their vocabulary, enhancing their background knowledge in different content and exploring different ways that authors write in order to inform their own writing. Students are encouraged to explore different genres in order to expand their abilities to generalize about specific genres.

“Please continue to ask the children in your life about the books they are reading, talk with them about your favorite books or types of reading you do and encourage them to continue to read as much as they can,” said Joni Readout.