May 27, 2022

Clarke student artwork showcased at State Show

Each year Art Educators of Iowa (AEI) and the Iowa Arts Council host a juried show to celebrate Youth Art Month. Youth Art Month is celebrated nationally during the month of March to highlight the importance of art and arts education programs across the country. Each member of AEI can select ten artworks to represent their school at the judging. Judging took place in February, and selected works will be displayed in a virtual showcase during the month of March.

Ten Clarke students had their work selected as the local Youth Art Month team and had their work sent on to state judging. Seven of the ten works from Clarke were selected for the state show. This is the highest number of works Clarke has ever had accepted in one year. These students will have their artwork in the 2022 Iowa Youth Art Month Show: senior Dominic Lopez, junior Korynna Olson, sophomore Rae Elben, freshman Janie Antione, Rachel Jaurigue, Amy Morales, and sixth grader Genesis Vega.

A small selection of works that make it to state are included into the Governor’s Show. Sixth grader, Genesis Vega’s work was selected to be displayed at the Governor’s Show. She is the second Clarke student to ever get this honor.