December 08, 2022

Library gets new signage, talks cross walk mural

At the Osceola Public Library board meeting the new parking lot sign was revealed. The sign will go up as soon as the posts are purchased. Cross walk signs will also be installed, they have been ordered and are waiting to be shipped.

The board discussed moving forward with a cross walk mural after reviewing a bid from Tacy Cummings of TC Design Company. The $3,100 bid is for the cross walk that connects to library sidewalk to the sidewalk in front of the library parking lot.

The design discussed at the October meeting was book spines, making the cross walk look like a shelf full of books.

The board agreed to move forward with the mural project by looking into grant opportunities. A Diamond Vogel Pain grant from Paint Iowa Beautiful will be looked into. That application will be dependant upon the type of paint offered by Diamond Vogel. To paint on the road a specialty paint will be used in order to withstand traffic, snow scraping, salt and brine.

If the board doesn’t find that Diamond Vogel has the pain they will forgo that grant and look elsewhere including the Library Foundation Board, the Clarke County Development Corp., the Osceola Chamber Main Street and the Iowa Arts Council for grant opportunities.

Official designs will be presented for the board to chose after the grants have been secured.

“I think this is going to be really neat,” said Library Board member Ronda Wishon. “We could be known as the town with the book shelf cross walk.”

Tyra Audlehelm

Tyra Audlehelm

I grew up in Osceola and live here still with my husband and son. I graduated with my Bachelor degree in Journalism and Mass Communications in 2017. I have work at the OST since January of 2018.