June 25, 2021

Studio 201 dancers compete in Spotlight, Showbiz Dance Competitions

Spotlight Dance Competition was held May 9 in Des Moines. Jasmine Rodriguez, Lily Cook, Josie Turpin and Victoria Rosales competed. The dancers took a total of six routine, four solos, two duets, and all received Ruby ratings. Cook won the Lyrical division in her age group. And Rosales won the Judge’s Choice for Showmanship.

On May 22 and 23 the dancers competed at the Showbiz Dance competition in Des Moines. Turpin received a High Gold rating and placed 9th overall in the pre junior solo division. Cook received a Platinum rating and placed 5th overall in junior solo division. Rosales received a Platinum rating and placed 9th overall in the junior solo division. Rodriguez received a High Gold for her solo. Cook and Rodriguez received High Gold and placed 4th overall for their lyrical and received Platinum and 3rd place overall for their jazz routine in the duet/trio junior division.