September 28, 2021

City Council approves more workforce housing, acquires property

Tuesday’s Osceola City Council meeting began with Mayor Thomas Kedley appointing two new members to the Osceola Public Library Board, Robin Duffus and Ronda Wishon. The board approved those two appointments. He also announced the dates for City Wide Spring Clean Up, which are 8:30 a.m.- 5:30 p.m. May 18-20 at the Clarke County Fair Grounds.

Workforce Housing

The site plan for the Gustin Street Villa Apartments was approved. This will be a three level 25,000 square foot multi-family property with 27 dwellings.

“There is a need for workforce housing,” said Ty Wheeler, City Administrator. “...Only 30% of the workforce is living in the county.”

Public Hearing set

A public hearing for the vacation of the west half of the east/west alley in block 14 of West Osceola Street and the vacation of the allies in block seven of the Gustin Addition was scheduled for the May 4 meeting.

Water Main & Sidewalk Construction

The plans for a water main to be replaced at the intersection of West Clay Street and North Main Street to the intersection of North Fillmore Street and West Clay Street then north on North Fillmore to the intersection of Ayers Street was approved. The project will also replace sidewalks throughout that area and reconstruct the intersection of North Fillmore Street and West Clay Street. The contract for the project was awarded to KLC.

The Council approved bidders to work on three sidewalk projects. Phase three of the Q Pond trail, the South Fillmore corridor from Highway 34 to the Clarke County Hospital and the West Shaw Street which is Highway 69 to Seminole Way.

“Fred Diehl was known as the ‘Road Mayor’, I’m going to be known as the ‘Sidewalk Mayor’,” said Kedley. “I’m really proud of this.”

Airport Grant

The Airport Management Commission decided to remove a Jet A Fuel Cabinet in order to bring the total cost of the initial project from $368,305 down to the threshold they must meet in order to receive a matching grant. The Council approved the submission of the grant application.

Property Acquisition

The Council had the opportunity to acquire a property at 420 West Jefferson Street that has been labeled as blight. The Council approved accepting the title of ownership with no cost to the taxpayer.


The Council approved a tax abatement to 2078 Concord Landing.

The Council approved the first reading the amendment of Ordinance 167 pertaining to signage.

Tyra Audlehelm

Tyra Audlehelm

I grew up in Osceola and live here still with my husband and son. I graduated with my Bachelor degree in Journalism and Mass Communications in 2017. I have work at the OST since January of 2018.