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School board minutes

At the November 9 Clarke Community School Board meeting Dena White was voted 7-0 to continue being board president and Robin Galvez was voted 7-0 to continue being board vice-president.

Brandi Boyd and students talked about the Virtual Conference for Iowa AgriTech Accelerator.

Public comments included Molly Fitzpatrick with thanks for the professional development on guided reading instruction during in-service; Jennifer Miler spoke as a concerned parent on the future of Clarke students and presented a petition to the board; Ben Hicks spoke about COVID concerns with current spikes in the State of Iowa.

A motion carried (7-0) that all virtual learners without underlying health conditions; including households and caretakers, return to face to face learning by October 13th; with ongoing monitoring for virtual learners. At the elementary, the recommendation is to have a virtual teacher at the 4th grade, and a virtual teacher at the 5th grade, not one teacher for both 4th and 5th grade; and secondary building students will have 1-hour early outs on Monday and Wednesday to allow teachers prep time for virtual lessons.

The board received updates from the facility, construction, and safety committees and updates on construction from Estes Construction.

An open enrollment was discussed and approved.

A motion was made to accept the bid for snow removal from Bud Jones Construction for 2020-2021 for $85.00 / $95.00 per hour per rig. Motion carried (7-0).

A motion was made to approve the agreement with Drake University to provide students with a clinical learning experience. Motion carried (7-0).

A motion was made to approve Travis Mechanical & Controls to install a water source mini split system for 2 Preschool rooms for a cost of $24,000.00. Motion carried (7- 0).

A motion was made to approve the agreement with Song Birds International LLC to provide Interpretation Services. Motion carried (7-0).

District health insurance was discussed with plans set up an insurance committee.

Superintendent Seid reported on the upcoming Board workshop; fidelity checklist walkthroughs; Dana Schon coming to administration meeting; IASB Annual Conference: Robin as Delegate, MacKenzie and Steve attending virtually; gate installed at bus turn- around at the secondary campus.

A motion was made to set the 2nd Monday of the month at 5:30 p.m. for regular meetings. Motion carried (7-0).

A motion was made to the board to name the Osceola Sentinel-Tribune as the Clarke Community School District official publication. Motion carried (7-0).

The next school board meeting is scheduled for December 14th.

The full board minutes can be found at www.clarkek12.ia.us under Board of Education minutes.

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