January 20, 2021

Local author publishes children’s book with more in the works

Delores Smith held a book signing for 'Little Duck Little Duck'

Delores Smith, author of the new children’s rhyming book “Little Duck, Little Duck” held a well attended book signing on the Osceola square Nov. 7.

The book is about the adventures of a little duck who is flying along with a group of geese and what the experience may be like for him. Smith was inspired by a real duck that she saw trying to keep in V formation with a group of geese flying over her.

“That’s when I went in and wrote the poem. Within a week I had the whole thing done but I had the main concept within an hour or two,” said Smith.

Smith had sent three books to a publishing company and all three were approved. Little Duck, Little Duck is available online at www.amazon.com or at Barnes & Noble book stores. Her second book "Applesauce Toes" is being published currently and her third book "Emma has the Sillies" is being illustrated now. Smith has done all the illustrations for her books even though she has never taken an art class.

“I had in my head what I wanted each page to look like so I thought well maybe I can just do my own illustrations,” said Smith.