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Crossroads Behavioral Health Services Receives Cares Act dollars from MHDS regions

Crossroads Behavioral Health Services (CBHS) is dedicated to continuity of care and providing vital mental health and addiction services to the local communities during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

With the state and country experiencing constant flux of shutdowns, regulations and recommendations due to COVID-19, comes the needed increase of mental health and substance use services and access to those services. As of November, Crossroads Behavioral Health Service had applied for a variety of grants from local MHDS regions including Southern Hills and CICS. Both MHDS regions have provided financial assistance for a number of items to better assist our community and provide better operations and training for our staff. The following lists the assistance that was requested and provided by our MHDS regions:

Critical Incident Group Debriefing Training

Crisis prevention and de-escalation Training for staff

3 new Clinician Onboarding costs

Question, Persuade & Refer (QPR) Training for the community

Free Support Groups offered to first responders & educators

IPADs for school telehealth services

Upgraded computers and mini scanners for our IHH team

Meeting Owls for each office location so services can be accessed through all offices no matter where the clinician is housed.

Crossroads Behavioral Health Services received a total of $39,146 of funding through a stream of Cares Act dollars that both Southern Hills and CICS MHDS regions awarded. Crossroads is extremely grateful for the generous funding as it helps provide vital services to the communities served. All locations continue to have staff members diligently working to clean and sanitize our buildings multiple times throughout the day to prevent from exposure. An important reminder to please note, when entering, please be prepared to have your temperature taken and given a mask if you do not bring one of your own.

Crossroads continues to offer a 24/7 mental health crisis line that can be accessed at any time. If someone is in crisis it is encouraged they reach out by calling 641-342-2914.

For anyone who may be interested in receiving services at Crossroads but may not be ready to come back into the office, we will continue to provide therapy and counseling through a live video connection, over the internet, using a software that we refer to as “Telehealth.” This service allows clients to stay in the comfort of their home while continuing to receive services. It also increases accessibility and transportation barriers for clients. What’s needed to sign up for teletherapy with Crossroads?

1) Call your closest location to if you have questions regarding in person or telehealth appointments

a. Creston at: 641-782-8457

b. Osceola at: 641-342-4888

c. Winterset at: 515-462-3105

d. You may also send an email request to crossroads@crossroadsbhs.org

For more information about Crossroads, please, contact CBHS 641-782-8457.

Also, be sure to check us out on social media for the latest Crossroads news and updates! Including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

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