Special election

A Special Election was held November 3, 1919 on a Special Proposition. The Judges and Clerks for Osceola Township were Harvey Neff, R. B. Barlett, W. B. Miller, each worked 12 ½ hours @30 cents for a total of $3.75. The two Clerks of Election were Tom Land, G. C. Mooberry, each also worked 12 ½ hours @30 cents for a total of $3.75. Harvey Neff delivered ballots and supplies to Judges for $1.20. Harvey Neff returned ballots and supplies to Auditor for $1.25. R. B. Barlett was paid $1.25 for arranging booths.

Part of the Assistance to Voters in Marking Their Ballots section stated any voter declare under oath that he cannot read the English language or cannot mark a ballot by reason of any physical disability and that he be assisted in marking the same with two election officers of different political parties present. Intoxication shall not be regarded as a physical disability, and no intoxicated person shall be entitled to assistance in marking his ballot.

The Special Proposition: On the question, “Shall the County of Clarke erect and equip a liberty memorial building, as provided in Chapter 170 of the laws of the Thirty-eighth General Assembly, (an act authorizing counties, cities and towns, to erect and equip; or purchase and equip soldiers’ sailors’ and marines’ memorial buildings, to purchase or condemn necessary grounds therefor, and to issue bonds therefor, and to levy a special tax for the purpose of liquidating said bonds, and for the maintenance of such buildings, in case of municipalities, supplemental to Chapter four (4), Title five (5), of the Code) ; and issue bonds therefor in the amount of Sixty Thousand Dollars?”

“There were sixty-two votes cast, of which twenty-two votes were for the proposition, and fourty votes were against the proposition.”

Connie Penick donated the Poll Book for The Special Election.