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Clarke county supervisor candidate profiles

Tyler Jackson - District 1, No Party

Jackson is running for supervisor because he believes there has been wasteful spending with nothing to show for it. He also sees issues with the rural roads and bridges, calling them “impassable”.

“We need a common sense business approach to get the best bang for your buck without over spending,” said Jackson. He believes he has the qualifications to be a supervisor thanks to his business and doing his best to keep all his customers bills as cost effective as possible.

“I will stand up for what needs to be done to get this county in better condition,” said Jackson. His goals as supervisor are to make the rural roads passable and focus spending on improving the whole county.

Kathleen Johnson- District 1, Democrat

Johnson decided to run for supervisor because she found herself disagreeing with the road department about various purchases and staffing.

“I feel we have a lack of overseeing this department and poor decision making without priorities,” said Johnson.

“The best part of my education for this position would be business law, a useful tool for future decisions,” said Johnson.

She sees herself as a qualified person for a supervisor position because she has property investments in Osceola and Murray and being married to a farmer believes she can relate to the county as a whole.

Her goals should she be elected are to work on taxes.

“It will be my mission for a property tax decrease. Because my district is all rural the roads and bridges will be a priority as well,” said Johnson. “I would like to see a change for our future having the population split evenly, divided between rural and cities. So all supervisors will be for all of Clarke county.”

Larry Keller- District 2, Republican

Keller is seeking re-election after being asked by constituents of his district to continue serving.

“We can continue, as a team, to move Clarke County forward in a positive manner,” said Keller.

Keller believes himself qualified to continue in his position of supervisor due to already having served eight years and being a rural property owner and taxpayer. Keller worked for Clarke Electric as a lineman for 38 years. He sees himself as being someone who works cooperatively with others and tries to be well informed prior to any decision making.

“My goal has always been to work cooperatively with all departments, boards and residents to allow our county government to run as efficiently and effectively as possible,” said Keller of his goals should he be re-elected.

Marvin McCann - District 3, Democrat

McCann is seeking re-election because he has pride in all the achievements that he has seen and been a part of as supervisor.

“So much progress has been made in our park system, public health, mental health, emergency management, veteran’s affairs, general relief, secondary roads, building maintenance and upkeep all while lowing our tax levy on properties,” said McCann.

McCann sees his past supervisor experiences as a major qualification to continue in the position. He sees the position as requiring on-going attention, much like his past teaching position, which he does not take lightly.

“My experience and knowledge gained as a supervisor is immeasurable,” said McCann. “The dedication to my many jobs within the supervisor position reflect my abilities as a strong, proven, and capable leader.”

McCann’s main goal is to continue to serve the people of Clarke County in a professional and effective many by working with other elected officials, different departments, boards and organizations and residents. He always tries to stay well informed in order to have the ability to make important decisions.

Dean Robins - District 1, Republican

Robins is seeking re-election because of his genuine interest in the continued improvement of Clarke County and ensuring that the communities continue to grow and thrive.

“I spent 34 years in the agricultural industry working with the needs and concerns of individuals by assessing situations and making recommendations based on their needs and financial ability,” said Robins.

Between his past work experience, serving on the Murray City Council for 11 years and serving the Murray Development Corporation for the past several years Robins sees himself as adequately qualified to continue serving Clarke County as a supervisor.

“In order to best serve any situation, it is necessary to spend time listening to questions and concerns in order to find the best solutions,” said Robins.

Robins’ goals should he be re-elected include continued cooperation with other county departments, gaining tools and resources for the different departments while staying within their budgets and continuing to serve on additional boards to make sure the county runs efficiently and effectively.

Austin Taylor - District 3, Republican

Taylor has been looking for more ways to serve Clarke County after becoming a volunteer firefighter and thought for a long time about running before throwing his hat in the ring.

“I knew that at the end of the day, someone has to complete this job and not just for self satisfaction but to the satisfaction of Clarke County residents,” said Taylor.

Taylor sees his willingness to learn, talk with people and travel the county as qualifications for this position. He admits that without having done the job before he isn’t completely qualified but being flexible, willing to learn and try new things always with the residents and county in mind will help him lead in the position.

Taylor has many goals should he be elected. He plans to look at the county tax rate, bring in more federal assistance, improve road maintenance, offer county jobs to county residents first, look at implementing more training opportunities for the secondary road crew, improve public safety, maintain conservative spending and be available to the people.

“I’m here for the people and only the people,” said Taylor.

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