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Holly Lynne Barnes, 42, of NE 4th St. Leon, was charged with possession of controlled substance- meth third offense and second-degree theft 4:36 p.m. Sep. 3 at 216 S. Main St.

According to an Osceola Police report, the manager of Dollar General in Osceola had complained about theft from the safe on multiple occasion from the end of June to the first of July, Barnes admitted to this, the approximate amount taken was $3,000. After being taken into custody Barned admitted to having methamphetaine in a chip dip container that was in her purse which police located.

Bond was set at $6,000 cash.


Robert James Reed, 46, of West Mill Street Davis City, was charged with two counts of first-degree harassment, interference with official act, assault law officer- no injury, fifth-degree criminal mischief, third-degree criminal mischief, drug traffick- meth, two counts of possesison of drug paraphernalia, going armed with intent, assault- display dangerous weapon 3:40 a.m. Monday at the Osceola Police Department.

According to an Osceola Police report, Reed followed victim 1driving a 2006 Chrysler van to McDonalds parking lot where he then dragged the owner toward his own vehicle while weilding a wooden baseball bat, then victim 2, a previous bystander, came to help and the two victims got into the van to get away from Reed. Reed then broke two windows out of the van while the two victims were inside then victim 2 drove the van away, followed by Reed until officers stopped him and found there was a warrant on Reeds vehicle. After searching Reeds vehicle officers found the wooden bat with glass fragments in it, brass knuckles, a green meth pope, copious amounts of unused baggies, approximately 6.8 grams of methamphetamine and a digital scale. Reed threated victim 1 with a gun that he had in his vehicle and threatened victim 2 with physical violence a threat on victims 2’s life. Reed struggled with two officers after being handcuffed and kicked one officer in the leg several times. After being placed in a patrol car began to beat his head on the window, after damaging the first patrol car Reed was moved to a second patrol car and began to beat his head off the window again.

Estimated damage to the 2006 Chevy was between $750-$1,500.

Bonds were set at $10,000 for drug and agrivated misdomeaner charges and $600 for simple misdomeaner charges.


Bradley Levi Spidle, 18, of Carter Street Osceola, was charged with driving under suspension and operating vehicle without owners consent 3:09 a.m. Tuesday at the Osceola Police Department.

According to an Osceola Police report, Spidle too possession of a 2003 Doge truck, Spidle was stopped for having no passenger tail light and found to have had a suspended licese. Spidle admitted to officers that he took the truck so he could pick up his friends and thought he would return it before anyone knew he had taken it, he admitted that he did not have permission to drive the truck.

Bond prior to Magistrate hearing was set at $2,000.


Dena Burkett, of Osceola, reported vandalism 8:29 a.m. Sep. 3 at 317 S. Jackson St.


Natalie Theroux, of Osceola, reported vandalism 9:25 a.m. Sep. 3 at 109 W. McLane St.


Gary Foote, of Osceola, reported theft from building 2:22 p.m. Monday at 430 S. Kossuth St.

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In the Sept. 3 edition of the OST, Tristen Jacab DeVore was charged with third-degree sexual abuse, not third offense.

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