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Alliant Energy has restored power to more than 72 percent of customers

Aug. 17 Terry Kouba, SVP at Alliant Energy and President of the Iowa Utility Company shared an update on restoration efforts.   “Our teams – and teams joining us from around the country – are working day and night to make power available to the majority of customers across the state by the end of the day on Tuesday, August 18. That means by midnight on Tuesday evening, at least 90 percent of our customers who were impacted by Monday’s storm and high winds will have power available to them. And we are working quickly and safely to make that happen even faster. We will not rest until each and every customer has power available to them.”

Following the storm, more than 240,000 Alliant Energy customers in Iowa were originally without service. Alliant Energy is reporting, as of 2 p.m. Aug. 17, more than 72 percent of homes and businesses affected by storms on August 10, now have power available to them. Out of the 340 communities initially impacted by the storm – 266 communities now have power available to at least 90% percent of homes and businesses – and many of them are 100 percent restored.

“We have more than 2,000 workers, from all over the country, here helping us and we will get it fully restored,” Kouba said. “This storm brought damage beyond what we’ve ever seen. Iowans have always been strong when facing adversity, and we all will continue to power through together.”

To restore power, local Alliant Energy employees are working side-by-side with employees from other parts of Iowa and Wisconsin along with crews from across the country, ITC Midwest and the National Guard.

Alliant Energy is also partnering with utilities and suppliers from around the country to ensure that the crews on the ground have the replacement poles, miles of wire and other technical equipment required to get the job done. Parts and crews continue arriving. In fact, six truckloads of material arrived from Florida Aug. 16.

For customers without power, Alliant Energy is encouraging you to look at your meter box and the pole that comes out of it. If the pole/meter socket is damaged, an electrician will need to make repairs so that Alliant Energy can then re-connect your power.

Alliant Energy will continue to share updates as they become available on Facebook, Twitter and alliantenergy.com. Customers should call 1-800-ALLIANT if they are still experiencing issues receiving power.

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