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Are you going to the State Fair?

The Iowa State Fair with its thousands of exhibits of the best that Iowa affords, its noise and bustle, its glitter and attractiveness, the fascination of its side lights, the beauty of its completeness.

The great exhibits, the whirl of the almost human machinery, the racing horses, the contending Indians, the yelling dining hall tout, and the musical peanut man, the seductive side shows, the meeting of friends, the rush, the din, the music, a good supply of vaudeville shows, the scream of the locomotive’s whistle, the roar of the traffic.

Then the sights at night. Thousands of dollars are piling up to spend for light and rockets and fireworks in the city of Des Moines. Every avenue an enchanted place, lit up with myriad lights of variegated hue. Processions of pomp and magnificence will fill the streets, pageants no word painting can portray. The river scene at night, all this and much more can be seen free by those visiting the State Fair.

Means of transportation to and from the State Fair grounds are amply adequate for any sized crowd. There are two lines of railroad companies serving Des Moines running cars continually at a five cent fare each way, and cars running every ten minutes from the depot at ten cents each way. Extra excursion cars are added to trains in Osceola taking visitors to the Fair in Des Moines.

The means of transit land the visitor at the Fairground gates. The street railroad routes takes in the Capitol and Soldier’s Monument.

Can you afford to miss it?


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