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4th of July celebrations

The 4th of July celebration at Weldon, our neighbor town on the south, was hoodooed by the damp disagreeable day, Monday July 5th. However, a fair sized crowd gathered about noon and saw the parade, heard the speaking, band music, saw the pony and foot races and seemed to be enjoying themselves in spite of the threatening weather until between four and five o’clock when an awful wind and rain storm came up and ran the crowd to their homes or places of shelter. The bandstand which stood in the center of the street was blown over while the boys were in it but luckily no one were hurt. Trees were blown down and torrents of rain fell which flooded the streets and ended the celebration, spoiling the remainder of the day while Weldon was privileged to entertain a number of our out of town guests over night that the mud hindered from returning to their homes. -1919

It was some great big 4th of July celebration pulled off at Murray with the biggest crowd ever assembled in Murray before. Those that attended, and this seems about everybody that could possibly get away, are speaking in the highest terms of the American Legion boys and the citizens in general of that thriving little city who helped to give them such a good time. The celebration was held at the park and adjoining grounds in northwest Murray and as the day was ideal for such an occasion more people turned out to celebrate. The day’s festivities started off at 10:00 or thereabouts, with a band concert by the Osceola Coronet Band and then it was a gala time from then on until late at night with free attractions, comedians, fat man’s race, novelty race, girl’s race, 3 legged race, ball game New Virginia v. Hopeville, bronco busting and other daring feats consisting of air plane flying the loop and tail spin, until dark approached and the big fireworks display took place. The free attractions were plenty, the crowd orderly and it was an evening long to be remembered by the Murray citizens and the throngs of good natured folks they had as their guests. -1920

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