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Rita Hart campaigned in Osceola Jan. 23

Rita Hart is running to succeed Dave Loebsack in the second congressional district race. Hart visited Osceola Jan. 23 and talked with voters at Mayberry's Coffee Shop and Eatery. Hart is running her campaign on the platform of listening. She values listening to everyone, not just the loudest voice in the room.

"To really listen to constituents, to understand their concerns and to act with them, to work with them because of what you've heard, that's what makes you a better legislature. That's how you get things done and that's what I hope to take to Washington D.C.," said Hart.

Hart has had the most questions regarding healthcare while doing her district tour and Osceola was no different. Some concerns are nearly identical across the district and some are unique to the town. Access to healthcare, prices and quality of care are some common concerns that she has heard.

"Those things are so important and we've got to work with everybody else that's concerned about these issues to help drive those costs down and make sure everyone has access to the care that they need," said Hart.

Education is a passion of Harts' as she was a teacher for 20 years. She wants there to be quality teachers using good resources that are readily available for them to educate students.

"We have got to make sure that every community, every child in the state of Iowa has the quality of education that is going to give them a good future," said Hart.

Hart is continuing her tour of the second congressional district which includes 24 counties. "The thing I'm most proud of is working hard for the people of Iowa," said Hart.

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