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Rural Bus Routes

Private cars necessary to transport children to the rural schools in the Clarke school district were placed under contract for the 1958-59 school year. According to County Superintendent Ralph Evans, who was in charge of rural transportation, contracts were awarded to the low bidder to carry pupils to school.

Contracts were awarded to the following:

Lowell Critz to transport from the Rocky Dell area to Ward Center.

Arthur Fouche from three different areas of Washington Township to Washington #5 school. Mrs. Fouche to also serve as a driver.

Eldon Graves to haul from an area south of Highway 34 in Jackson Township to Jackson #5 school.

George W. Griffin two routes: one in north Jackson Township to the Ottawa School and the other in the Jay area to the Powell school. Mrs. Griffin to also serve as a driver.

Osceola Cab Co to haul from the Oak Grove area in Fremont Township to the Jamison No. 8 school on Highway 69 with Everett Poush as driver.

Mrs. George Pedersen to haul children in Osceola Township to Osceola #5 school.

Mrs. Evert Snider to haul from southeast corner of Jamison area to the Jamison #6 school. Mr. Snider will also serve as a driver.

According to Superintendent Evans, the private cars transported about 80 children to and from school each day. The drivers all passed a physical examination, had their cars inspected by the Iowa Highway Patrol and made any necessary repairs in their cars or equipment, and received a school bus driver’s permit from the State Division of Transportation of the Department of Public Instruction.

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