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Clarke falls just short of sweep at Kerry Brammer Invite

In the first bit of competition back from Christmas break, Clarke took home first and second-place team finishes with six bowlers taking a medal at the Kerry Brammer Invite Monday afternoon.

With each score counting more for the Lady Indians, they took home a first place finish behind a 2,322 pin performance, routing Mount Ayr by 298 pins (2,024) and Lamoni/Central Decatur by 758 pins (1,564).

“We got the five girls, so we don’t have a score we throw out,” said Clarke head coach Dale Helgevold. “The group that we have gel great together. They showed it, they won by almost 300 pins.”

The Lady Indians pushed on with consistency throughout both games, with the lowest game amassing 114 pins.

Clarke took an early lead behind Landi Helgevold’s 191 pin first game and Hannah Wisniewski’s 182 pin performance. With contribution from the other bowlers, it was a 808 pin game one which carried into the second game.

Starting game two with an 808-781 lead, Wisniewski put up the highest single-game total of the night for Clarke with a 194 game to give her a 376 total. Landi Helgevold contributed 182 pins of her own en route to 1553-1439 lead over Mount Ayr heading into the Baker’s round.

Consistency was the theme for the Lady Indians as they scored 769 in the Baker’s to roll on to a victory.

“It was a great day,” said Dale Helgevold. “... They just kept plugging along, pushing on (in the Baker’s round). They keep picking each other up and they did great.”

As the group continued to push on, the Lady Indians contributed four of the five place-winners.

Wisniewski finished in first with 376 pins and Landi Helgevold placed third with 373 pins – two behind Mount Ayr’s Kaitlyn Dolecheck. Jessinda Davenport bowled a 282 for fourth place and Jadie Bowlsby scored 264 for fifth place.

Boys fall just short first

The Clarke boys fell just short of an overall team sweep, falling to Mount Ayr 2,051-2,032 (19 pins).

“(The boys) had a lot of good things going on,” said Dale Helgevold. “Lost a close meet. I mean, 19 pins is, when you get to the meet, is close. We’ve had some closer wins in the past, this year. They did well, they fought back. They were down (68) pins going in the Baker, and they made up ground, just not enough.”

To start, the boys rolled a 724 in the first game, leading Mount Ayr by 48 points going into the second. Jayden Giza rolled a 199 and Alejandro Davis scored 131 to lead the Indians in the opening round.

Clarke stumbled with a 663 second game and the deficit extended to 1,375-1,307 (68 pins) going into the Baker’s round.

As the Indians fought back, they rolled a 725 Baker round to outscore Mount Ayr by 49 pins, but ultimately couldn’t do enough to edge out the Raiders 2,051-2,032.

Despite falling just short, Giza took the first-place spot with a 333 pin performance. Davis was the other place-winner at fourth for the Indians with a 303 pin afternoon.

“We had four of the five medalists on the girls’ side. Boys’ side we had three of the five, said Dale Helgevold. “That’s generally what we see year in and year out of this tournament. The girls came into it, Hannah and Landi were on the top of their games, and they both shot really, really well. ... Can’t ask for more than that. They both stepped up in a big way.”

With multiple place-winners on the girls and boys side, Dale Helgevold was happy with the performance of his team after not having a formal practice since Dec. 16.

“I feel good about it (the day),” said Dale Helgevold. “I wish we could have had the boys win as well, but you can’t have everything. But for coming back, I feel we did pretty well.”

UP NEXT – Clarke hits the lanes Monday, Jan. 13 at Val Lanes for a match against Norwalk.


Varsity match totals — Mount Ayr 2,051; Clarke 2,032; Lamoni/Central Decatur 1,617.

Mount Ayr (2,051) — Michael McDaniel 84, 149 (233); Michael Sluyter 161, 142 (303); Hunter Jay 113, 102 (215); Harley Haley 132, 110 (242); Tony Daleske 126, 141 (267); Darrian Holmes 162, 168 (330). Totals – 1,590. Baker rotation – 686.

Clarke (2,032) — Tyler Davenport 92, 87 (179); Ely Crawford 80 (80); Joey Bucy 113, 148 (261); Dale Showers 109, 133 (242); Alejandro Davis 131, 161 (292); Jayden Giza 199, 134 (333). Totals — 1,387. Baker Rotation — 725.

Lamoni/CD (1,617) – Devin Medina 84, 127 (211); James Clapham 115, 112 (227); Dawson Hensley 83, 60 (143); Nathien Short 96, 76 (172); Kaison Holmes 136, 108 (244); Nathaniel Bishop 127, 112 (239). Totals – 1,617. Baker Rotation – 524.


Varsity match totals — Clarke 2,322; Mount Ayr 2,024; Lamoni/Central Decatur 1,564.

Clarke (2,322) — Rleigh Luce 121, 137 (258); Jadie Bowlsby 146, 118 (264); Jessinda Davenport 168, 114 (282); Hannah Wisniewski 182, 194 (376); Landi Helgevold 191, 182 (373). Totals — 1,533. Baker Rotation — 769.

Mount Ayr (2,024) — Hanna Ackley 141, 108 (249); Stephanie Post 132, 117 (249); Laurie Belzer 120, 117 (237); Lilly Main 57, 59 (116); Andrea Sickles 115, 98 (213); Kaitlyn Dolecheck 216, 159 (375). Totals — 1,439. Baker Rotation — 701.

Lamoni/CD (1,564) – Ashten Adams 111, 127 (238); Teyona Greenhalgh 91, 133 (224); Dakota Byrd 119, 120 (239); Ana Bruce 89, 70 (159); Reyna Gutierrez 65, 76 (141); Kaydee Swartz 102, 117 (219). Totals – 1,220. Baker Rotation – 485.

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