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Osceola Parks and Rec Bags League begins Jan. 16

The Osceola Parks and Rec Bags League boards were constructed by Larry Kjellsen.
The Osceola Parks and Rec Bags League boards were constructed by Larry Kjellsen.

Bags, cornhole, whichever name sounds best, the Osceola Parks and Rec Department is starting up a league Jan. 16 for eight weeks.

Osceola Parks and Rec Director Tim Riddle and Park Board President Mel Miller came up with the idea and set Parks and Rec Assistant Director Dan Cooper to work with organizing a schedule, rules and going public with the plan.

After doing some research from other Iowa cities that have bags leagues with success Cooper was ready to set in stone the bags regulations for the first season.

The bags league season begins Jan. 16 and will run for eight weeks. Game nights will be on Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. and games will be scheduled every 30 minutes at the Osceola Municipal Golf Course Banquet Room. Alcoholic beverages will be available on site so all players must be 21 or older to sign up. Registration is due Jan. 10 and costs $50 for each two-person team.

The league will be run on a points system. There will be one or two games played each Thursday night, depending on the number of teams signed up and the points go for the best of three matches. Five points are available per match, with one point for each victory, one point for whoever the overall winner is and one bonus point to the winner if the match was won 3-0. Points and standings will be updated weekly. Subs are allowed as long as they are not already on another bags team.

Match rules

• first team to 21 wins, win by 2 (no going backward for going over)

• no bounces

• 27’ spacing between boards

• 3 points in the hole, 1 point on the board - cancelling points

• first game will flip a coin to decide who throws to start the game

• team who scored last points throws first after start

• team who won previous games starts next game

• partners will line up opposite corners of board

• must throw bag behind fron of board

Sign up at Osceola City Hall by Jan. 10 to participate in the first Osceola Parks and Rec Bags League.

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