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Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor

Apparently this town has certain cat owners who feel it is perfectly fine to inflict their pets on everyone else by allowing them to run free defecating and urinating on houses other than their owner’s. I am tired of having to deal with cat feces next to my house. Also, no matter how well fed the cat is, it is still a hunter, One study estimates that free ranging cats worldwide kill 3 billion birds every year. I have found the remains of numerous birds (the head, one foot and feathers from a parakeet just recently) and small mammals in my yard.

The city has an ordinance regarding animals running at large. If a cat is in my yard, it is running at large. I suggest all pet owners familiarize themselves with the ordinance. I am sure the police have more pressing matters to attend to than animals at large. I will handle that problem on my property (within the law) myself.

Trapping cats is legal. If the cat has a collar, it is to be released. Maybe the time in the trap will serve as aversion therapy to my property. If you don’t want your cat to risk spending time in a trap, don’t let it run loose.

I am not interested in debating this issue. Do not call me or write. I do not care.

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